“Mantsho” is a clothing label that was established by Johannesburg-based designer, Palesa Mokubung in 2004.

Palesa, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design, zooms in on African cultures and elements, and cleverly transforms them into modern and edgy designs. Her career started when she walked into a boutique, the revolutionary South African fashion brand, Stoned Cherrie and the owner asked where she had got her outift. Having impressed her with the outfit she had made, Palesa started working at Stoned Cherrie, primarily as a designer, gaining enough knowledge and experience to later start her brain child, Mantsho.

Mantsho has gone on to travel to showcase its designs in Greece, India, New York, Jamaica, Nigeria, Botswana, Ethiopia and Senegal, showcasing its designs. In 2014, Palesa won a Fashion and Innovation Award at the Mbokodo Women in the Arts Awards, founded by Carol Bouwer.

Mantsho is currently stocked in two Mantsho stores; one in Melville at 27 boxes and the other workshop, in Newtown, where customers can receive the full Mantsho experience.



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