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Bulbulia Threads

Bulbulia Threads



Tasleem Bulbulia, established South African designer, known for her exquisite bespoke pieces and intricate designs, draws inspiration from all aspects of her life. With almost 20 years experience, she was a founding member of the Cape Town Fashion Council.With earlier labels she created, Funeka and Soul Child, which retailed in top South African stores, Tasleem workedto redefine womens’ fashion, by effortlessly combining an indigenous fashion aesthetic with high fashion techniques. Her designs routinely feature at SA Fasion Week, Cape Town and Durban Fashion Week, the Design Indaba and at the Durban July. She’sfeatured on Top Billing, Pasella, Eastern Mosaic, and local and international fashion publications.

Her latest venture, Bulbulia Threads, is the culmination of her culture, faith, and her fashion ethos. Bulbulia Threads is modern, meaningful and modest. The label showcases empowering images of women in hijab, and Modest Wear, which is becoming increasingly powerful in the world of High Fashion. Bulbulia Threads represents women across all cultures looking to express themselves through elegant, modern designs. Characterised by its sculptural and architectural lines, Bulbulia Threads is a synthesis of classic couture and a growing fashion movement. Bulbulia Threads showcased at Malaysia Fashion Week’s inaugural Asia Islamic Fashion week, and was then invited to show at Torino Fashion Week, the first mainstream Fashion Week event to include Modest Wear. She was the recipient of an AT FILMS Award, which includes a brand ambassadorship for the flagship range.

As women look to new ways to redefine themselves, Bulbulia Threads is at the vanguard of that movement, crafting sophisticated pieces that express this dynamic change. Bulbulia Threads is a modern, modest way to dress your success.

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